Benefits of Buying Miss Ape Yacht Club NFT

Rare Piece of Art

Each piece is uniquelt generated through an alogorithm so there are no repeats.

Valuable Membership

Ownership grants membership to a club with exclusive future benefits.

Exclusive Offerings

Owners are granted special offerings regarding future listings and news.

The Specs

Miss Ape World is an NFT collection of 10,000 pieces. Each Miss Ape World is uniquely generated through our algorithm from 423
traits. All Miss Ape World are passionate but some are just like you or your loved one. Your Miss Ape world is also your exclusive
membership card. Ownership and commercial usage rights are given to you, the owner, over your NFT.

Team Members



NFT enthusiasts, blockchain enthusiasts, A new blockchain-based decentralized trading platform aimed at disrupting digital options and B-Book FX retail transactions -; She has 5 years of experience in blockchain technology and 16 years of experience in website development, block explorers and mining pools.


Senior Engineer

NFT enthusiasts, blockchain enthusiasts, She started his first company at the age of 14 and his first at the age of 19. Since then, they have been responsible for providing more than $55 million in direct revenue and more than $3 billion in indirect revenue to establish or advise companies.



NFT enthusiasts, blockchain enthusiasts, Responsible for Cryptocurrency excavation. Has been a shareholder in companies
operating in different industries such as oil and gas, fintech, digital media and FMCG. Founder of the Youtube Channel:
"Cryptocurrency Network" - CCN; Online media channels with the latest information about Cryptosphere. CCN is popular for its
daily video of the construction of a 1 MW diversified mining farm in the Tbilisi Free Economic Zone.



NFT enthusiasts, blockchain enthusiasts, Operate a variety of projects, from sales, logistics to marketing. Manage marketing budget
allocations of more than one million pounds per year. Blockchain enthusiasts and investors in cryptocurrencies. Skilled in
negotiation, business planning and project management. Bachelor of Economics (BA) from Macalester College

Proud Owners

JJ Lin

JJ Lin